For generations, middle America has been taught to get a job, work hard, pay their taxes, put some money away into a qualified plan like a 401k or IRA, then at retirement age, use those accounts to fund their retirement, and continue to pay taxes on the money they're withdrawing.

And that's always been a really good deal—for the government. Uncle Sam has essentially set up an annuity funded by hard-working Americans that is guaranteed to keep the government's pockets full.

But that's not the plan the ultra-wealthy subscribe to. They understand that true wealth comes when your money is working for you—not for the government. Instead of sticking it in an account where you bear all the risk and then letting the government dictate how much you get to keep when you pull it out, you can leverage the U.S. Tax Code to minimize the taxes you pay now, then let your after-tax money grow without big government casting a heavy shadow over your future.

More and more hard-working Americans are becoming wise to the fact that qualified retirement plans are not a smart use of your hard-earned money. The tax deductions you get when contributing to qualified plans don't come even close to making up for the taxes you pay when you pull your money out in retirement.

With new rules in the Trump Tax Plan, strategies previously only available to the ultra-wealthy are now accessible to the 99%. 

We can take your qualified accounts and free up that money so you can use it now and put it in an investment vehicle that will fund your retirement with more favorable tax consequences. At the same time, it will increase the value of your estate at your death and provides some living benefits as well. And the assets are still protected from creditors.

Our proprietary Fortune Freedom Program takes advantage of recent changes to the U.S. Tax Code, investment grade insurance contracts, business structuring, and proven asset protection strategies.

Why haven't the professionals working for you told you about this before? Your CPA, your tax attorney, your estate planning attorney, and your financial planner may understand their respective fields, but because the Fortune Freedom Program utilizes elements of tax law, financial investments, estate planning, and business structuring, your advisors cannot duplicate this program without (1) understanding what the program is and how it works, (2) having an expert-level understanding of their own field, (3) understanding how their field interacts and intersects with the other professional planning disciplines, and (4) working with the other professionals to provide a program that takes advantage of the law in each of their spheres to your maximum advantage.

At the Fortune Law Firm, we have a team of professionals, including CPAs, financial advisors, experts in business structures, and tax professionals—and we have developed the Fortune Freedom Program for the purpose of freeing invested monies from the self-interested clutches of the government and putting it in your hands so you can control your own future and increase your earning potential. And the IRS signs off on it.

Five Major Advantages of the Fortune Freedom Qualified Rollover Plan

  1. Reduced Risk. Having your retirement tied to the market is great. Until it isn't. How about putting your money where it has a guaranteed and insurance-backed minimum growth?
  2. More Control. With qualified plans, you are limited in what you can do with your money. Where to invest it, when to take it out, how much to take it out. But with our program, you have much more flexibility and can use your money your way.
  3. Higher Estate Value. Instead of letting the market's whims control the quality of your retirement, and then leaving your heirs whatever is left over, take control and invest your money in a way that it will create immediate, long-lasting value.
  4. Tax Savings. You have to pay taxes on 100% of the money withdrawn from the qualified account, including all growth within the account. Why not arrest the tax growth and put your money where it will grow tax free?
  5. Living Benefits. You can get an early payout of part of your death benefit if you are diagnosed with a terminal illness so you don't have to deplete your retirement account to take care of yourself.

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