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Who We Are

Fortune Law Firm is a law firm of entrepreneurs. Real business owners who know and understand the law and have real world experience starting and operating businesses.

The strategies we recommend are strategies we are using for ourselves. All it takes is some savvy and the fortitude to make sound decisions and move forward with them. We'll provide the savvy if you bring the fortitude.

Asset Protection

Business owners and entrepreneurs take risks that most people aren't willing to take. They put up their own money, invest their time, and sometimes starve or push themselves to exhaustion to get their business or idea up and running.

And although you may be willing to bet on yourself, you should not take the unnecessary risk of starting a business that doesn't have adequate liability shield and asset protections.

Asset protection is accomplished in many ways, starting with which kind entity (or entities) you form and which state you form it in. From there, you will want to structure your business in such a way that you can minimize your personal liability for business debts and minimize your business's tax liability.

With our Fortune Freedom Qualified Rollover Program, you can take qualified money (i.e. money subject to government tax whims when you retire) and stop the tax growth. At the same time, it provides capital you can access for your business or personal needs, grows at a guaranteed and competetive interest rate, and substantially increases the value of your estate at death.

An investment-grade insurance contract is an insurance contract that allows you to not only invest your money without having to pay taxes on its growth, but can withdraw it when you need it, also without having to pay taxes on the withdrawal. That means you can put your money away, make interest, earn interest on your interest, and not share any of it with the government as it grows.

Let the Tax Code Work for You


Tax Strategies

Although we appreciate the benefits of living in the land of freedom, no one wants to pay more taxes to Uncle Sam than what is required. Navigating the tax code is a laborious undertaking (not even all the legislators who passed it have done it!), but is necessary not just for calculating taxes owed, but also for planning ahead and investing your money in as advantageous as a manner possible.


Plan Ahead



Estate Planning

Estate planning is about a lot more than making sure your future is secure and that your heirs will be well taken care of. It is also about maintaining or increasing your present lifestyle, protecting your assets, and giving yourself the means to enjoy the one life you have.

Raising Capital

You have a brilliant idea, have worked hard to put together a plan for monetizing it, and now just need some start-up capital to put your plan in motion.

Or maybe you have an established business and want to expand and grow and need to raise some money to do so.

These are good problems to have, but the processes for raising capital are highly regulated and have tax consequences you may not foresee.


Learn with Us



Seminars and Events

We are always learning, and invite you to join us. We are frequently guest- and keynote speakers at seminars hosted by others and also host some ourself.

Law Firm Financing

Eliminate the expense of funding your client's cases. Take back control of your hard earned capital by leveraging investments to get a low interest loan from a bank for your clients. 

Using the law and proven finance principles, law firms are now making one small change to their firm finances to leverage their investments in a way that they can take out low-interest loans based off their asset protected investments provided by the Fortune Law Firm. 

According to a 2017 survey, the use of litigation financing in the U.S. has grown by 414% since 2013, and half of all lawyers who have not yet utilized litigation financing are expected to do so within two years.

The best part is that we take care of tracking your client's loans. We also manage the administration of the loan. All you need to do is tell us how much you need and we'll get the money deposited into your account. Once the case is settled, you let us know how much interest is owed and we'll automatically deduct the money out of your account paying back the loan.

Here is a video example of how this could work for your law firm: 

To get more details on exactly how this process works, contact the Fortune Law Firm at 702-550-7300 or email